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The Title In Pink Says, 'Barnsley Inclusive Playgroup'. An Illustration Shows A Young Girl Playing With Toy Blocks. A Toy Train Runs Along The Bottom.

New Barnsley Playgroup for SHASBAH

SHASBAH is based in Sheffield, which is why many of our events and groups have been in Sheffield. However, we exist to serve the whole Sheffield postal district. That means anyone who has an ‘S’ postcode. This is a big area, including Rotherham, Chesterfield, Dronfield, Worksop and Barnsley. Lots of our members live quite a distance away from Sheffield and we want to support them better. That’s why we started Park Up and Play, which changes location depending on the requests of the attendees. Our Chat Away group also regularly meets at locations outside of Sheffield.

Now, thanks to funding from South Yorkshire Community Foundation, we’ve started an inclusive playgroup in Barnsley! This funding makes our support accessible for many more families. We’ve got two brilliant venues: Athersley Family Centre and Lundwood Family Centre. They are well-equipped with everything we need for a fun morning together.

At the playgroup, we have sensory play, singing and story time. Drinks and snacks are provided, as well as opportunities to socialise for parent/carers. The sessions are completely free of charge.

Feedback from Stay & Play has shown that this type of group makes a big difference for families. Parent/carers feel less isolated and know where to go for advice. Children also get the opportunity to meet other kids who have similar conditions. Why not see for yourself? Find the full list of dates for Barnsley Inclusive Playgroup below and on our Upcoming Events page.

Beth Hobbs

Beth is our Communications Coordinator. She started working for SHASBAH in September 2020. Beth writes blog posts and newsletters, updates social media, sends out birthday cards and more. She loves being able to use her creative side for a really worthwhile cause. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, cooking and going for walks with friends.

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