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Why donate?

Donate to give much-needed support to people living with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus in the Sheffield area.

We are a small, local charity so your donation makes a big difference. We know the members of our community personally, meaning that your money goes straight to those who need it most.

Knowing SHASBAH are just a phone call away is reassuring for a parent. They are there if I have any questions. The activities are amazing for my son as he meets other children with his condition and he feels accepted. I couldn’t do without them.


How does my donation help?

Social groups

Weekly groups for adults, children and parents reduce the isolation that many people with long-term health conditions feel.

Community events

Our big events and parties bring lots of people with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus together. This gives our members a sense of pride in who they are and connection with other people who are similar to them.

Special trips

We organise trips for our members to Ladybower Fisheries, Ethel Barge, Bendrigg Trust and more. These provide unique and memorable experiences in the great outdoors, while fostering independence and encouraging our members to step out of their comfort zone.


We give specialist advice on how to navigate education, healthcare, housing and finances. Our is support based on personal experience with the local authorities.

Hospital visiting grants

Hospital stays come with unexpected costs. We offer financial help with transport expenses when our members need it most.

Equipment grants

Getting the right equipment is expensive. We can contribute towards equipment that empowers our members to be independent.

The Teenage Ball, fishing trip and residential all helped my son to experience more and learn greater independence.


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