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What Does a Charity Trustee Actually Do?

You might have heard us talk about our trustees before, but what is the job of a charity trustee? Why are they important and what do they do for SHASBAH? Could you become a trustee for our small, Sheffield-based charity?

What is a trustee?

Every charity has a board of trustees. These trustees are a group of people who are responsible for looking after the charity. Trustees are volunteers and are essential for a charity to exist and function.

SHASBAH charity trustees, Jan and Patsy, pose for a photo at a SHASBAH event with our administrator, Tina.
SHASBAH trustees Jan and Patsy (left and centre), with our Administrator, Tina.

What do trustees do?

Trustees make important decisions about how a charity should be run and what the future of the charity should look like. SHASBAH trustees meet around once a month on Zoom. At the meetings, they get reports from the staff team to get an idea of what’s going on in the day-to-day life of the charity. They also vote on any decisions that come up. Sometimes, there might be training to attend so that they can be on top of current issues and make sure that our charity is well prepared for the future.

Who can be a trustee?

The most important characteristic for a trustee is to be interested in our charity’s work and to care about our members. This is why lots of our trustees are SHASBAH members or have a personal connection to our organisation. Find out more about our current SHASBAH trustees.

Everyone has something to offer, whether it’s being handy with IT, being a good listener, understanding legal issues, asking questions or creative problem-solving.

SHASBAH charity trustee Phil on a boat with other members at Ladybower Fisheries.
SHASBAH trustee Phil (right) on a Chat Away trip to Ladybower Fisheries.

Could you be a trustee?

SHASBAH is on the look out for some more trustees to join our fantastic team. If you’re interested in becoming a trustee for a small charity based in Sheffield, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with Jess, our Volunteer Coordinator, at

Beth Hobbs

Beth is our Communications Coordinator. She started working for SHASBAH in September 2020. Beth writes blog posts and newsletters, updates social media, sends out birthday cards and more. She loves being able to use her creative side for a really worthwhile cause. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, cooking and going for walks with friends.

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