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A Teen Members Fills In Her Hospital Passport, Given By SHASBAH

3 Resources to Improve your Hospital Stay

A stay in hospital can be a stressful time. In order to smooth out some of the details, SHASBAH have put together some resources to help our members to communicate with hospital staff and keep your minds occupied. Download and print these packs so that you’re ready if the time comes to head to hospital.

1. Hospital Passport

It can be hard to remember all of your medical information, especially in a stressful or unexpected situation. A Hospital Passport collates the important information about you and your condition so that staff know how to best care for you, should you need to be admitted to hospital. We also have a helpful guide to preparing for an emergency. Get in touch with us if you would like help filling in these documents. We’re happy to set up a Zoom call where we can walk you through it.

‘It’s a big help to have all my information to take to my appointments. My memory isn’t great and now I’m older, I am allowed to go to appointments on my own. I feel more confident I can tell the doctor everything I need. This passport is really useful. Thanks.’

One of our teen members

Download a Hospital Passport here.

Download a Guide to Preparing for an Emergency here.

2. Hospital Activity Pack

Our Activity Packs are designed to keep minds active during a hospital stay. We know that there can be a lot of down time during a hospital stay, especially while visiting is limited during COVID-19. That’s why we’ve created some age-appropriate booklets, containing puzzles, colouring and journal pages.

Download a Children’s Hospital Pack here.

Download an Adult’s Hospital Pack here.

3. Hospital Visiting Grants

We also give out grants to cover the cost of transport for hospital visits. To apply for a grant, just fill out and return our Hospital Visiting Form. These grants are available to our members only. Anyone with Spina bifida and/or hydrocephalus who lives in the Sheffield postal district can become a SHASBAH member. Contact us for more information or to get involved.

Download a Hospital Visiting Form here.

Thanks to Shine, our national affiliated charity, for creating the hospital passport, and to Sheffield Carers Centre for the Guide to Preparing for an Emergency.

Beth Hobbs

Beth is our Communications Coordinator. She started working for SHASBAH in September 2020. Beth writes blog posts and newsletters, updates social media, sends out birthday cards and more. She loves being able to use her creative side for a really worthwhile cause. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, cooking and going for walks with friends.

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