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Making A Difference: Help with Mental Health

During the November lockdown, one of our members, Julie, got in touch for help. Like many of us, she was struggling with the isolation of lockdown, as well as a few other issues. It was all taking a toll on her mental health.

Julie thought that a language course might help her to keep her mind busy and spend time with her daughter. She reached out to us to ask if we could help with funding. The language she chose was Korean – not an easy task but a good challenge!

SHASBAH’s admin officer arranged to do a weekly zoom with Julie just to chat and keep in touch, and we did find funding to help Julie. £200 was obtained towards the course. We think Julie was brave to ask for help when things were hard and we’d love it if you did the same.

Beth Hobbs

Beth is our Communications Coordinator. She started working for SHASBAH in September 2020. Beth writes blog posts and newsletters, updates social media, sends out birthday cards and more. She loves being able to use her creative side for a really worthwhile cause. Outside of work, she enjoys gardening, cooking and going for walks with friends.

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