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Making A Difference: The Story of the Little Red Trike

This little red trike has been on a big journey! Many years ago, it was rescued from a skip at the Ryegate child development centre. It wasn’t rubbish – there were many more children who’d love to get on three wheels. It arrived at Sheffield Cycling 4 All to be fixed up and given a clean. Then, it was given by Sheffield Cycling 4 All to a young member of SHASBAH, Edith.

Edith loved her red trike and rode it loads and loads, but eventually she grew up and it didn’t fit her anymore. hShe and her family wanted to pass it on to a new home! Chris at Halfords gave the bike a new brake, a free service and a shiny new bell. After that, off went the bike to Leo, another little SHASBAH member in Wombwell, all with the help of SHASBAH’s hard-working and dedicated befriending coordinator.

Happy days!

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