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5 Things To Do in January

Sometimes, the days can feel a bit empty during lockdown… not to mention January! If you’re at a loose end, try one of these stay-at-home activities.

1. Try a Wheelpower workout

Wheelpower have been uploading some great workouts, suitable for beginners, to their website since the start of the pandemic. They’re like the accessible Joe Wicks! They also do weekly live classes with opportunities for Q&A if you prefer something more interactive. There’s everything from cardio to core to yoga, so plenty of variety to keep it interesting. Perfect for those new year healthy lifestyle goals.

2. Take a tour of England’s best attractions

Take in some art, history or culture from the comfort of home. Many of England’s best attractions are now doing virtual tours. Some even have interactive elements to get the kids involved. Visit England have a great list of options, including the National Gallery, the Natural History Museum, Alton Towers and Tatton Park and Gardens.

3. Make a bird feeder

Use The Woodland Trust’s simple, no-bake recipe to attract birds to your garden and give them a little winter treat. How many different species can you spot?

4. Check up on the animals at the zoo

Many zoos have now set up webcams, allowing curious minds to sneak a peek at what’s going on behind closed doors. Check out the lemurs, penguins and giraffes at Marwell Zoo, the wild boar piglets at Whipsnade Zoo and Chester Zoo have lots of wild activities to try.

5. Make an origami fox

In the spirit of Shasby, try following these BBC Bitesize instructions to fold an origami fox. Send us a photo of your efforts – we’d love to see the results!

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